Skopos Hospitality Group began in 2015 when brothers Thomas & Dean Maroulakos reenvisioned a local dive bar as a 1930’s public house with nostalgic, speakeasy charm. Cowan’s Public was born from a desire to bring a new approach to food and beverage to the North Jersey market - one where unique design was met with an elevated approach to casual dining, craft beer & a revival of classic cocktails.   

The success of Cowan’s paved the way for their second project—The Barrow House, a 230 seat American Farmhouse set on land that was once a farm & grove. From there Skopos Hospitality Group was formed.

With two new projects slated to open in 2019, the brothers are excited to bring fun, new experiences to the Harrison and Jersey City communities and look forward to continued growth.

The Greek word Skopos refers to a distant mark or end-goal one has in view. Our objective is to bring a fresh take to the food and beverage industry in New Jersey, centered around exceptional hospitality set in spaces that offer escapes from daily life, while complementing the unique food and beverage programs at each venue.

Skopos Hospitality is made up of the owners, operators, staff and vendors who make it possible to focus in depth on the varied details that distinguish our venue. It allows us to focus on all aspects from the food and beverage programs, to the feel of the rooms, to the warm hospitality one would expect to find visiting an old friend.  

We believe in innovation; in pushing ourselves to discover new and exciting ways in which to surprise our guests. As a team, each member is a valued contributor to who we are and what we do. We believe that through observation we can continue to learn and grow around a common desire to do our best and create the best experience for you, our guest.

We are Skopos Hospitality Group.